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We are pleased to announce that as of September 2019 we will be accepting Primary age children as well pre-schoolers.

Our Nursery Manager, Alex Openshaw, will be taking direct responsibility for the primary classes. 

Alex herself went to a Montessori School for her Primary education. She subsequently trained as a Nursery Montessori practitioner in London and then went to the Montessori Institute in Italy to train as a Primary Practitioner.

We already have interest, especially from home-schoolers, who can combine a few days at school with their current home school curriculum.

We have added a garden and outdoor play space to the school!! Thanks to the Bursar of Eton College we have successfully purchased a piece of the field at the back of the school. This is fenced off and prepared for the children to use. We have great plans for growing our own vegetables as well as being able to run our Forest School on our own bit of West Sussex.

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